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Using Lunacy 8 with Marcode

    Just because Icons8 Lunacy reads and writes in the amazing .sketch format it’s a fundamentally different app, it’s not a clone. Super important to understand this.

    Icons8 Lunacy is really beautiful!

    Lunacy vs Sketch

    It’s more like a nice combo of both Sketch and Figma with incredible features for collaboration, using cloud documents etc. It also has things that the other ones haven’t, like a huge free library of icons, illustrations and stock photography. Plus many more things, you should really give it a try.

    Let’s test this!

    Now that we have given you a bit of well-needed perspective, let’s get on with the fun stuff.

    What works really well

    • All of our freebies that have been created in Sketch that you can download from our marketplace
    • Layer effects like drop shadows, blending modes, gradients (both linear and now also radial)
    • Styling components
    • Shared styles like typography, effects
    • Styleguide CSS export
    • Exporting to HTML, iOS, Android and Xcode

    That means that our framework, all the rules, all the components, render out correctly when editing and updating them directly from Lunacy. Wow.

    How Lunacy handles overrides

    In Marcode we use the override’s panel in Sketch to solve the connections and logic we have in all of our interactive components. Since Lunacy does not handle overrides this way, this is a bit of a pickle for us, least to say.

    We added automatic HTML links between artboards mostly to solve this with Lunacy. Turns out, it also benefits users of Sketch. Who doesn’t want more automatic workflows in life?

    So basically, the easiest way to put this is to say that:

    • Basic logic, like linking between artboards works thanks to our automatic HTML linking
    • Using our {prototype} components works really well
    • All other logic works, but can’t be setup from scratch in Lunacy. You can use our demo files to extract all of our components that have logic inside them

    If you can live with that, go ahead, try it out. Icons8 Lunacy is 100% free. 

    We will continue to work together with the Lunacy team trying to figure out how to bend reality to our liking. Like we always have done with Sketch.