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Build hybrid apps from your design tool

From design file to prototype code

From design file to App & HTML prototypes

Go from design tool out to Xcode & Android Studio with built-in support for Capacitor.js. Or just settle with our autogenerated HTML code. The choice is yours.

Works with Sketch & Lunacy

Supports latest version of Sketch & Icons8 Lunacy for Mac. Windows app coming soon.

Build in your design tool

Create high fidelity real HTML prototypes.

Simple markup

Using our simple markup we convert to HTML, CSS and JS for you while you work.

Export to iOS & Android app

Using our unique built-in Ionic Capacitor export.

Autogenerated HTML

We autogenerate clean HTML code that's developer-friendly


All future updates included. Yes, we are mad.

How exactly? Download these two .sketch files

Built-in app export. If you need it.

Wouldn’t it be really cool to start in your design app and end up in both Xcode and Android Studio? We have built-in Ionic Capacitor functionality.

Here, we built a couple of simple iOS demo apps with Sketch and Marcode. 🤳

Don’t need it right now? Start with our autogenerated clean HTML export, that’s ready to be dropped on any FTP server out there. Too complicated? Use this amazing little app, called Wunderbucket


Bring forth the designers

Already building hybrid apps with Angular, React or Vue? Since everything that comes out of Marcode is pure HTML, CSS and JS, let your designers do some advanced hybrid app prototyping for you.

CSS Styling Machine

Style in Sketch or Lunacy, use our autogenerated CSS Styleguide to alter WordPress themes or any other CMS actually. As long as they support injecting custom CSS you’re good to go. Actually it’s just plain CSS so it works with ANY website builder out there.

Icon generator

Use our built-in icon generator for getting your beautiful app icon out to iOS & Android, at the same time. All sizes and formats automagically generated for you.

One-time purchase, all future updates included. Neato!
14-day money back guarantee

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