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Begin your hybrid app journey from Lunacy

Export to iOS, Xcode, Android or Web app

Markup to code

Using our simple markup rules directly inside Icons8 Lunacy, you tell Marcode what type of component you are building. Marcode automatically translates the markup and structure on layers and groups into workable code.

It’s like having Google Translate for code built-in.

Make it fresh

Use the Inspector panel in Lunacy to style your components, make them fresh as fruit. Watch as they evolve straight from inside Marcode.

We support things like layer effects, blending modes & shared styles.

Reusable components

Create one component, save it as a symbol/component and reuse it everywhere you need in your document. We support most of the overrides you would expect.

Behind layers magic happen

Realtime code previews

Link the Lunacy .sketch file and Marcode displays, in near realtime, the generated HTML code that you are creating. What you see is actually what you get, no nasty surprises.

Curious how the code looks even before exporting? We have a few nifty icons for that.

Beautiful code

We take great pride in our autogenerated HTML code. You style, we code for you. Simple as that.

Everything you build is directly saved inside your Lunacy file so sharing it with your team is easy. 

No hand-off needed

Building an app? Export directly to iOS, Xcode, Android or Web app using our built-in Ionic Capacitor export. Fire it up inside Xcode or Android Studio, add native components and build directly onto your hardware devices. 

Great Scott!

On the shoulders of giants

We use the mighty Bootstrap in the background, so Marcode is 100% responsive by default. That also means you can use Bootstrap layout classes to do really cool things.

Cut some corners

Occasionally, you just need to quickly build a mockup app directly for iOS, Android, Xcode, or the web. We have the perfect components for that. 

Read our guide.

Backwards compatibility

Since Marcode is built upon the same design to code markup and rendering engine of Sketch2React, you have a plethora of freebies, tutorials and resources for you to enjoy, right from the get go.

One-time purchase, all future updates included.
14 day money back guarantee