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Why use Marcode?

Yes, why Team Sketch2React?

In an era where there are so many tools, how do we stand apart? Let’s break it down.

The Crash Course 👩‍🏫

Live link from Sketch or Icons8 Lunacy, build and then export to code from Marcode

  • You build everything directly inside your preferred design app by creating a local live link between our app and yours. In many ways it’s like adding a code layer to the usual work you do. All within the comforts of your favorite design app.


⚠️ Most other apps imports the design file

✅ We create a live link, you never leave the design app

Marcode is a companion app

All of our design to code tools are so called companion apps. That means, they do not work on their own. For Marcode it’s Sketch or Icons8 Lunacy. The benefits of this approach are numerous:

  • You never ever leave your favorite design application
  • You don’t depend on overly complex plugins that tend to break when your design app releases updates
  • We can add support for other design tools, and you still only use Marcode

Forecast, cloud free ☀️

  • You never ever upload anything to the cloud. That means you are always in full control, everything happens locally on your computer, so no nasty security incidents with your lovely IT-department.
  • The code exported from Marcode is yours and we do not keep track of what you do in our app. It’s none of our business actually.

⚠️ Most other apps force you into their own cloud solution

✅ You build everything locally on your own computer


Not yet another carbon copy 🤖

  • We currently do not have a subscription model for our apps, and we are not planning on implementing one. Of course, that may change in the far future, but for now once you pay for a license it’s a one-time fee, all updates included. You are more than welcome subscribing to our free newsletter though.

⚠️ Most other apps force you into a subscription model

✅ You pay a one-time purchase fee, all updates included


Freedom of choice 🎉

  • You always have a backup. Everything is saved directly inside your design file.
  • We support Sketch symbols, libraries and working directly with Workspace documents. Need to collaborate with a team member? Only one of you needs to have our companion app.


Context is king ✏️

  • Marcode shares the same building blocks of Sketch2React. That means over 4 years of hard-earned experience rendering design files out to developer-friendly code.
  • We have so many free resources, articles and video tutorials that you will never ever run out of learning material. That’s a promise.
  • We obsessively share mini tips over at our Twitter.
  • We have a very friendly Slack community.